Create awareness through creative campaigns.
Find out how a creative campaign can create awareness about your company with your target audience.
Written by Oliver Hancke

What is creative campaign development?

Creative campaign development is about developing and designing a campaign which will show your target audience why your company, service or product is unique. Through the campaign you build loyalty towards your brand and put actions behind your growth plans.

Your campaign has the best effect if it’s experimental, emotional, evoking thoughts or inspirational. The campaign needs to be pushed on to the target audience through the right channels using the right strategy.

A campaign is a fully developed advertising and marketing program ready to be released to the market via the media. It may contain few or more many different elements such as print, digital, broadcast, etc.

Why are creative campaigns important?

Creative campaigns are developed advertising ready to be released. The campaign is limited to a specific time period making it easier to measure and analyse the effects of the campaign afterwards. The campaigns helps the target audience differentiate you being showing something fresh and original which attracts their attention and inspires them to action.

If you create an effective campaign, your ROI (return on investment) will be high. Original ideas can create a huge positive outcome for your brand if it is placed and designed correctly with your audience. A creative campaign can also refresh the perception of your brand, service or product.

The difference between campaigns and brands

Your brand is your identity. The integration of design and the core message that your company wants to communicate. Ads should communicate different messages which all are part of a bigger campaign idea.

The campaign makes your brand relevant. By being present in the mind of the target audience, the campaign makes sure that your brand are ‘out there’. Campaigns consist of several ads with a message about your brand, while your brand stays untouched. The campaign can also help rebrand you, if you want to change the image of your brand.

Campaigns made to make your brand stand out are usually called “SBCC campaigns” which stands for “Social and Behaviour Change Communication”. Their purpose is to create consistency in our communication through all of your channels making it hard to forget your brand as long as it is funny or clever.

How to do creative campaigns

Firstly, you need to brainstorm and create a strategy. Your campaign needs creative sessions where ideas can be generated and where the strategy can be defined.

Secondly, you need to use the top 3 best ideas and create drafts for them. When you decide on which idea to go for, you start developing concepts, mock-ups and ideas for the tone of voice. You also need to take into consideration which media you want to use. Is video, images, ads og guerilla marketing needed?

Lastly, you launch your campaign. You create launch plan on how to roll it out, design the needed assets and you publish your campaign through the right channels that you chose in the first phase.

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