We tell everyone about you. We are an advertising agency from Copenhagen who make small businesses make big impacts. Whether it is your life’s work, concept or project.

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Our services

Digital communication

Reach your target audience through the right channels. 

Creative campaign development

Show your target audience why your company, service or product is unique.


Stand out from the crowd and make your brand unique.

Visual identity

 Create a coherent image or brush up your look across platforms.


An entire marketing department for a fraction of the price.

What is Klutch


Klutch is an agency that started with the purpose of helping small businesses make a big impact. We strive to help our clients reach their full potential in the digital world. We do this through communication strategy and brand planning.


Our motto is “we tell everyone” assuring our clients that we provide quality communication support, making sure the world knows of their products and services. We are here to tell everyone about you.


The name Klutch comes from several meanings. Klutch are people at the top of their category. Spelling it with a ‘c’, Clutch stands for exactly what is needed at the right moment. Lastly, the clutch is a mechanical device in a car that transfers the power from the engine to the wheels.

Our team

Oliver Hancke, Klutch Co-Founder

Oliver Hancke


Oliver is from Copenhagen, Denmark. He is experienced in both public and private sectors within the areas of B2B financial services, IT platforms, clothing brands, and sharing economy apps. Oliver is specialized in strategic communication, visual identity design, and corporate branding.

Jamilia Buzurukova, Klutch Co-Founder

Jamilia Buzurukova


Jamilia is from Moscow, Russia, based in Lund, Sweden. She has extensive experience with B2B, service consumer brands in the IT and educational sectors. Jamilia has worked with high profile companies leading marketing campaigns, providing project and event management.

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