Reach your online potential with digital communication.
Find out what digital communication is and how your company will benefit from being good at it.
Written by Oliver Hancke

What is digital communication?

Digital communication is the online communication efforts of a company. This includes the use of all online platforms from the website to the social media channels. The digitization creates new opportunities for your company for both communication, marketing and the development of relationships between you and your target audience.

Why is it important?

As your target audience is moving onto online and digital media, so should your communication. As we are more connected than ever, you can reach your target audience both when at work, when home and on the go. You can create a stronger bond with your target audience if you strengthen the awareness about your brand.

This can be done through a strategic approach. Communication gets strategic when you set a clear goal for it. In order for your target audience to understand your message, you need to understand how the audience’s attitudes and behaviors influence the perception of what you communicate.

The difference between digital communication and traditional media

Firstly, digital communication is an easy way to reach your target audience. It also has a lot of advantages over the traditional media as it is cheaper to produce and distribute. In theory, a campaign can be designed and published within a workday without the need of several approvals as traditional media needs. Secondly, digital communication will and can get feedback fairly easy and fast while encouraging dialog between you and your target audience. Lastly, it is much easier to track and monitor the individual user and the effect of the communication than with traditional media.

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