Stand out from the crowd with a unique visual identity

The visual identity tells what is not said by words. The symbolism gives your target audience the first impression about your brand.

What is a visual identity?

Branding is creating knowledge about your brand, what characterizes it and its products. The term comes from the branding of cows, which is done with red hot iron showing who the cows belonged to. By branding your company correctly, you stand out from the crowd letting your target audience know how they distinguish your company.

Why is visual identity important?

Visual identity is based on the meanings of symbols and the information that a viewer perceive by just looking at the logo or the graphic elements present in publications, ads or other places. The symbolic meaning will give the viewer an impression about your company without even saying a word.

Typically, the visual identity needs a brand style guide to be developed in order to provide guidelines to how the brand needs to be represented in all situations and times. By sticking to the brand guidelines, the visual identity evokes emotional impressions, unifies all parts of the company and tells the viewer about the basic information connected to the brand.

The difference between visual identity and brand identity

While brand identity encapsulates everything about a brand, the visual identity is only about what is visible. Your tone of voice, text writing guidelines, mission, vision and values are not defined through visual identity as these terms often follows the first-hand impression of the visual elements.

Visual identity is a craft and a discipline involving graphic designers and creative directors. The visual identity tells the story of the outside of the brand while the brand identity tells the story of the inside.

Basically, the visual identity is the language which speaks to the target audience. The tone of voice tells the further story of the brand, but it is important to see the difference between the first-hand expression and everything that follows.

Our services

We know that every client needs a unique solution. Through experience and creativity, we can help design your content, website or identity. 

Graphic design

Create visual content to communicate a message. 

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Design of your new website whether it’s for your company or campaign. 

Design of social media pages

Creation of social media channels and visual guidelines. 

Corporate visual identity (CVI)

We help you present your company to the customers, investors and employees. 

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